Enjoy your time in Barbados, sunny beaches and entertainments!

What sunny beach did you visit last?

Or haven’t you visited any yet?

Have you ever visited that amazing Barbados beach?

That would be the best sensation you ever had. If you’ve been in that luxurious world, you’d agree with me that solitude lives in the North American continent.

Barbados sunny beach

Barbados is a country in the South East of the Caribbean Sea. This Barbados island has a different map geologic pattern of a spot. It’s not too occupied with mountains and there are lesser species in animals and plant life. The white sands alone in this sunny Beaches are so tender and smooth to wallow in.

You see, what I first fell in love with, was the fact that this amazing place is an island. So, beaches on the island wouldn’t be really difficult to get.

In Barbados, they communicated with us in plain British English. I think that’s due to the fact they were colonized by the United Kingdom. Barbados has functioned since the late 17th century because she was the first Caribbean landfall from Europe and Africa. And this is a major link between Great Britain, eastern Caribbean lands, and parts of the South American lands.

Besides, Barbados operates by a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy as there government system. You might be a little bit reactive to such a system but I personally love that… It seems cool. The capital and largest town is Bridgetown, which is also the main seaport.

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My Experience With the Barbadians

In just of a recent, I went on a tour with my friends. On the road, we discussed on various Islands and sunny beaches around world with the perfect beach sands where you can feel lit. Tommy suddenly whispered what I know as a tree – “Barbados”. I looked at him, knocked him on the head to check him for his much weird jokes. For God’s sake, what have trees got to do with beaches of the world?

Well, Tommy’s table turned around to me and I became a subject of mockery – a jerk who was incredibly ignorant of Barbados bays – I shouldn’t be ignorant… But upon all other amazing Islands in the globe, and as much as I love sunny beaches, I shouldn’t be ignorant. But heck!

To cut a long story short, these guys revered beaches in Barbados and we consequently traveled to Bridgetown through the ship. We arrived at the seashore, toured the east coast, south coast then back to the west coast. Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados and the place is filled with churches, Christians.

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Beach entertainment

As we reached the coast of Barbados and related with these Barbadians, most of them spoke with jovialness and charisma which seem sort of amazing especially at those bays – Dover’s Beach where we had a y map of Barbados islandacht trip. The sea waves of swimming alone in the Carlisle bay made me decide to dive. I was in heaven mehn!

Well… Beaches, beaches, beaches in Barbados are damn amazing. These beaches are part of the rich and famous beaches in the world. Most of these blue lagoons have tropical landmarks and views, which make surfing a thrilling and enchanting experience especially in the crane Beach.

There are various big cities in Barbados. Well, what I’ll say about these big cities is that majority of them are black. Few are whites. The biggest city in Barbados is the Bridgetown which still stands as the capital of the state. The location of Barbados Island has profoundly affected the territory’s history and way of life. This has imminently influenced aspects of its economic sector. According to my discovery activities.

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But there was this question that troubled us while we were on the tour. The issue of getting around with a destination or a lucid map. But I’ll share with you the experience we had in getting there, hereby making you avoid the mistakes which we made, and also explaining how to arrive with the most affordable best beaches near Bridgetown barbadosble rate.

The first solution is that you may board a bus! Just ensure you bargain well with the driver for cheap public transportation.  Barbadian buses are blue and yellow in color. Just have at least $2 on you (for each lift). The blue and yellow buses cover the majority of this Barbados island.

Then there is a privately owned Minibus company also. You see, these minibusses are colored bright yellow and a blue stripe. The Fare is about the same.

There are privately-owned Maxi-taxis, painted white with a maroon stripe. These are exclusive and they only different areas.

You may take a taxi! Know that the cars are not metered. So, you’d need to negotiate your fare with the driver before getting into a taxi.

You can hire a car or motorcycle. Do a favor of bringing along your driver’s license. Drive on the left side of the road. So, the car rental agent will provide you with the required local permit. I’ll even advise you to buy car insurance so that you can check at the rental agency about assistance in the case of a break-down or accident.

  • Car Rental Agents in Barbados: Jordan’s Car Rental, St. James, 421-6830; Chelsea Motors, St. Michael, 228-0682.

You can even rent a scooter. You only need helmets and motorcycle licenses and insurance in a case of the unexpected – which I don’t hope for.

  • Bicycle Rental Agents in Barbados: Flex Bicycle Tour & Rentals, 419-2453; Highland Adventure Centre, St. Thomas, 428-8069

Are Beaches Free?

There are no private beaches. All beaches are free and the major expense you’d spend is on rentals. And as to how many beaches on the Caribbean island, we discovered over 60 cool sunny beaches in Barbados.

Finally, you can’t wait to see the beautiful sunny beaches ahead of you. Which do you plan visiting soonest?

It’s cool we ENJOY LIFE while we can still breath, spread our lips and shine our teeth.

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